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Music Theory Tools Full

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"Music Theory Tools" contains many exercises which will help you progress in the recognition and use of certain key concepts of music theory, including intervals, scales and chords. By mastering these concepts, you will be able to use for a better understanding of music theory, but also for improvisation and composition.The exercises are divided into two categories: written music theory and ear training. Here are the exercises:
• Identify a written interval• Identify a written scale• Identify a written chord• Complete a written interval• Complete a written scale• Complete a written chord
• Identify an interval by ear• Identify a scale by ear• Identify a chord by ear
Detailed statistics are available for each exercise. The button "Help", active only in case of wrong answer, allows you to better understand why your answer is wrong.
The Lite version is much more limited: you have access to two intervals (second minor and major second), two scale types (major scale and harmonic minor scale) and two chord types (major chord and minor chord). By acquiring the full version, you can select the intervals, scales or chords you want to include in an exercise. Regarding ear training, the full version gives you the ability to set the number of hearings of each question, the instrument and the tempo.
Here is the list of intervals, scale types and chord types contained in the full version:
• WRITTEN INTERVALS: minor second, major second, augmented second, minor third, major third, diminished fourth, perfect fourth, augmented fourth, diminished fifth, perfect fifth, augmented fifth, minor sixth, major sixth, diminished seventh, minor seventh, major seventh.
• PLAYED INTERVALS: minor second, major second, minor third, major third, perfect fourth, augmented fourth/diminished fifth, perfect fifth, minor sixth, major sixth, minor seventh, major seventh, octave.
• SCALE TYPES: major scale (Ionian mode), harmonic minor scale, natural minor scale (Aeolian Mode), Dorian mode, Phrygian mode, Lydian mode, Mixolydian mode, Locrian mode, major pentatonic scale, minor pentatonic scale.
• CHORD TYPES: major chord, m, dim, aug, 7, M7, M7, m7b5.